Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She Loves Me Like The Rain...

It was gently raining.
My love and I were taking shelter in a waiting shed,
my arms around her, her head on my shoulder.

She said,
"You know, I love you like the rain
loves the trees and the flowers."

"It doesn't care if some trees
are stronger and bigger than the others,
it also rains on the small and weak ones too."
Some bear useless fruits but they receive
the same nourishment from it."

"It matters not that some flowers are
prettier or some have petals more colorful
than most. Some are even poisonous
but it still gives them life."

"It just falls blindly, just like me."

I asked her what she meant.
She said, smiling,
"Silly, it means I love you just as you are."
And she snuggled closer, the rain a witness to her words.


forging love again
on an anvil
with these hands
whose fingernails
are forever dead
as a result
of misdirected blows
after working alone
without help at all
in the past.
so please understand
I have to ask you
to hold the iron
in place for me
so I can concentrate
only on wielding
precise strikes
so we can create
a perfect love for us,
and I promise
not to hit your fingers :)


if a rainbow signifies the end of a storm
then you ought to be across the heavens now
a monument for the world to see
what you have done to me
and maybe inspire broken-hearted people
to keep their faith in love alive.

for sure the dawn will come
no matter how long and cold the night is
so your smile should be the sunrise
that pours through lonely people's windows
and maybe brighten their thoughts a bit
enough for them to say "there's still hope!".

for my life used to be stormy
and my nights were long and cold
but that was before the rainbow,
before the sunrise,
before you...


take me once more to the place where we tasted the love like
grapes from the vine

we frolicked and danced and went drunk with romance all night for
the grapes turned to wine

hold me again unashamed of yourself and myself and make me your

where you dared to dream that one day you will be all mine and
set all things aside

humble as rain, we fell down on our knees and let love gain
control of our fate

leaving a world where doubts abound and a breeding ground of

let whispers be shouts and uncertainties be like the morn sure
to come after tonight

in paradise where our differences are the differences between
light and light

hold me as tight as I hold my faith in love to see us through
this situation

as sure as I know in my heart that you are my pre-destination

relive once again memories that we made when we talked 'til the
dusk sung it's rhyme

when I poured all of me into your heart and mind and I knew you
heard me that time

fly me tonight to that heaven where slumber is our one and only

a glimpse of a life spent with you free from pain...and woe...

the gift of a sunny morn

***for my daughter, my brightest morning***

the morning plays its song like a siren
and it shatters the silence of the night
shed your blanket of darkness and listen
so little it asks for the touch of light

it dares you to throw away all your fears
open your eyes and then be on your way
without apprehensions, dry all your tears
its not much to pay for a bright new day

awake from the nightmares that plague your sleep,
made your eyes blind to the glorious morning
hope is not found on a slumber so deep;
so cheap a price for a new beginning

though your soul be aching, your heart be torn,
heal them with the gift of a sunny morn

Half Moon

pretty, pretty stars tonight join me in my flight
as i dance across the heavens on my dimmed half-light
no clouds to hide my longing of that which makes me whole
waiting for the moment your love would make me full
though hard they try to twinkle the best that they could do
pretty, pretty stars cannot measure up to you

lovely, lovely sea below a picture of pure calm
in contrast with the sorrow of a solitary palm
throws back a stranger's face that i suppose is me
without the other half of what i want to be
but calm or not, there's nothing that it could ever do
lovely, lovely sea below is not a match for you

lonely, lonely me walks by the heavens sad and dreaming
in awe with all I'm seeing but more with what I'm longing
these loving thoughts I whisper are truths that'll live for years
with prayers for directing their music to your ears
another night of wanting but nothing i could do
lonely, lonely me's not full without the love from you

18th of June

***i fell in love once with someone i haven't seen personally yet.
we used to chat a lot and w/o knowing it, we fell in love. the
18th of june was the date set for us to meet face to face. we did
meet, and we lasted 3 years. was it real love, who's to say...***

so long to wait for so short a dance
so much at stake for a simple glance
so rest our worlds for a single day
will we to part or forever stay?

what makes this love so probable
is what's making it vulnerable
so much we yearn to hold and kiss
will this be a case of hit and miss?

emotions flew for miles away
a dangerous game we chose to play
so much to lose, so much to win
will we find gold or a bucket of tin?

souls entwined and hearts in tune
will these stay true when May turns to June?
the longer we yearn the harder we fall
or will be winners after all?